The most fragrant rosehip jam

Rosehip jam is a healthy spread and a sweet garnish, it is also a basic ingredient in the best rosehip sauce. The only snag in preparing the jam can be its relative laboriousness, ie cleaning the rose hips. Not only the stem and bug, but also the internal seeds and hairs are removed. Don’t be […]

Light chicory root aperitif DIY

Most people don’t understand this, but they may need to be encouraged to eat or to those around them. Chicory can now be found almost everywhere until November, in gardens, fields, meadows, around roads and forests. It is a perennial plant which, when given space and time, grows to a height of one meter. Fresh […]

The best chestnut washing powder DIY

One of the surprising properties of the horse chestnut (chestnut) fruit is its soapiness. It can be washed with it as successfully as in soap nuts or eco-powders. So much better than in soft water and a little worse than in the best washing powder. It is known as chestnut, horse chestnut or horse chestnut. […]

DIY endless interior diffuser

Every woman loves a stick diffuser. He meets all the conditions for us to love him. Count with me: ✓ looks lovely, ✓ smells nice, ✓ smells long, ✓ hassle free ✓ looks lovely even after a long time, ✓ smells nice even after a long time, ✓hassle free, even after a long time And […]

Regenerating rosehip oil DIY

Rosehip oil has magical regenerative effects, protects the skin from the adverse effects of the environment and stimulates its vitality. It is easily absorbed without feeling greasy. You can use the oil as it is, or add it to creams, balms, body butters. It is used on the skin, bod and to strengthen hair. Many […]

Elderberry Liqueur DIY

There are many recipes, this one appealed to me the most. It has an unbeatable crimson color of the net and tastes delicate and luxurious. A few words for introduction .. The fruit – elderberry – is black, berry. When fresh, they are slightly toxic, so they are usually further heat-treated. In the past, almost […]

Most delicious rosehip liqueur DIY

Do you want to please your loved ones with a truly original and tasty gift? Go outside and get the most important ingredient for the production of this liquid beauty. It is Free! Not only does rosehip liqueur look beautiful and is really great, it also helps inside. Rosehip strengthens immunity and helps prevent colds, […]

Heather whitening toothpaste with peppermint DIY

Heather is a traditional medicine in Swedish herbal medicine. It is a small plant with a typical old pink flower. The flower is adorable, bell-shaped and, thanks to its durability, is often used for winter decorations. It grows in higher positions in sunny, dry places. It contains a number of antimicrobial substances. Even honey made […]

Flower sprays – why and how to use them

Undoubtedly the most natural skin care is provided by 100% raw material without additives. We have countless such gifts around us, but we often do not know about them, or we are fooled by tempting ad and reach for synthetics. For sensitive and more resistant skin and soft hair, the most unnatural refreshment is flower […]

Chestnut gel for beautiful legs DIY

Horse chestnut fruits, three nuts for Cinderella lovers of the circulatory system, contain active substances (aescin), which increase the resistance of capillaries and improve venous tone. This is the most welcome possible effect for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Lavender and geranium are also used in aromatherapy to improve varicose states. When we […]


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