Chicory soothing cream for atopics and eczema DIY

The healing and healing effect of chicory is most concentrated in its root. We can enjoy the beautiful blue flower of chicory until the end of October. All parts of chicory are healing. For this ointment we will need a root, which is harvested in full force – in the fall.

You will need:

dried chicory root,

25 g unrefined shea butter (here)

5 g lanolin (here)

15 g jojoba oil (here)

10 g glycerin (here)

2 g urea (here)

cosmetic dose

Heat unrefined shea butter in a water bath, add chicory root and let stand for 1 hour. Heat very gently, keep shea butter liquid. Then strain, keep only the butter, discard the root. Add lanolin and jojoba oil and mix. Then stop. Whisk the glycerin a little into the hot fat. After cooling to body temperature, add the urea beaten to the powder in a mortar and mix well. Store in a cool place.

Determine the best before according to the date of consumption of the raw materials used, resp. the shortest.

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