Protective lanolin cream DIY

Are you already itchy and your hands and do you want to make something really homey, useful and completely divine?

How about this rich nourishing lanolin cream? It is quickly absorbed and even well-groomed hands are soft and supple after it.

This cream is literally for the whole family. Of course, every woman will appreciate him, but also a man, a passionate gardener, a young explorer, a novice scientist, a small digger and a wrecker, as well as a selfcentered postpubertal teen.

The DIY gig is simple and playful, apart from a magnificent product, you will learn especially the principle of cream production and you will simply feel useful and wonderful for a while.

You will need:

50g soft water (filtered or distilled)

10g glycerin (available here)

20g almond oil (available here)

10g shea butter (available here)

10g lanolin (available here)

4g emulsifying wax (available here)

15 drops of preservative (available here)

For scenting, I recommend, for example, an essence according to your taste and mood, such as Orange, Lavender or Bergamot (10 drops)


We start by disinfecting the work surface, tools and hands. After applying the spray, let everything dry.

Prepare the first five ingredients and divide them into two glasses:

water phase: water and glycerin

oil phase: butter oil, shea butter and lanolin

Place both in a water bath and heat carefully.

Allow to stand at 65 ° C until the oil base is completely dissolved and combined.

Pour the emul wax into the oil phase and let it completely dissolve.

Pour the oil phase into the water and whisk. Drip a preservative.

And if you want essence.

Beat ideally with a hand whisk for about 1 minute. Allow to cool to room temperature.

The cream gradually thickens.

The shelf life of the product is 6 months from production thanks to the preservative used.

Want more?

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