The best washing powder from chestnuts (colored laundry) DIY

One of the surprising properties of the horse chestnut (chestnut) fruit is its soapiness. It can be washed with it as successfully as in soap nuts or eco-powders.

So much better than in soft water and a little worse than in the best washing powder. It is known as chestnut, horse chestnut or horse chestnut. It is an extended tree, which you will find in almost every village or in every city park.

Its more lucrative related chestnut is less common, its fruit is used to make flour, but you will probably also know it from Christmas markets, where it is sold roasted.

Horse chestnut is notorious, so there is probably no danger of confusion. The leaves grow like fingers on the palm in tufts of 5-7. It blooms with white flowers with red and yellow polka dots, according to the amount of sunlight at the turn of spring and summer. It is very densely distributed, and if you want to plant the first tree with children, this is one of the simplest possible adepts.

Just pick up the chestnut in the fall, plant it in a suitable place and wait for the first shoots in the spring. Horse chestnut is a tree very undemanding to the quality of the soil and location and grows to respectable heights.

Back to wash and water:

If you belong to a happier part of humanity and soft water flows from the tap, shout 3x hooray! You don’t have to add anything else to the chestnut powder.

We, who take water from the order across the beautiful land, are a little harder. Chestnut powder alone is not enough, we have to mix the most ecological softeners – soda and salt.

For 1 kg of washing powder you will need:

  • 800g of fresh chestnuts
  • 500g washing soda (here)
  • 10g sea salt (here)
  • 5 drops of essence (here)

The collected chestnuts should be baked in an oven at 150 ° C for 20 minutes and then ground to a powder. The powder is then mixed 1: 1 with washing soda. Add sea salt and essence.

Recommended dosage 30g for 1 wash of color laundry. Use within 1 year of production.

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