Light chicory root aperitif DIY

Most people don’t understand this, but they may need to be encouraged to eat or to those around them.

Chicory can now be found almost everywhere until November, in gardens, fields, meadows, around roads and forests. It is a perennial plant which, when given space and time, grows to a height of one meter.

Fresh young leaves resemble arugula or dandelion leaves, they are edible and can be used to garnish a spring salad (in half a year and something there is spring !!).

They are slightly bitter and stimulate not only the appetite, but also the entire digestive system.

You can enjoy the beautiful blue chicory flower until late October. All parts of chicory are healing. The most widely used is the root, which is harvested now in the fall.

You will need:

500 ml of water,

300 ml of vodka,

400 g of sugar (or honey),

20 g dried chicory root,

20 ml of lemon juice

Pluck the chicory root sometime between September and November, clean and chop into small pieces. Pour them into vodka and let it infuse for at least 14 days, shake occasionally, then strain.

Boil the water with sugar (or honey) until dissolved, then allow to cool.

Mix sugar (honey) syrup with chicory extract, add lemon juice and shake. Serve the stop sign before eating.

Consume by the end of the winter season.

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