DIY endless interior diffuser

Every woman loves a stick diffuser. He meets all the conditions for us to love him.

Count with me:

✓ looks lovely, ✓ smells nice, ✓ smells long, ✓ hassle free

✓ looks lovely even after a long time, ✓ smells nice even after a long time, ✓hassle free, even after a long time

And now the most important thing:

✓ it doesn’t have to be thrown out, just add or replace the essence and go again

✓ for a full-bodied scent, it is enough to fill the bottom of the bottle with the essence only to a height of 0.5-1 cm

What you will need:

A glass with a narrow neck (ideally small up to a volume of 50 ml). The best, of course, is to recycle an already scented bottle, but if you don’t, you can buy a new one that will last for ages.

Bamboo sticks, a minimum of 3, a maximum of how much you pass through the throat. It is true that the more sticks, the more intense the scent.

Essence, 10ml is enough for a start. Choose either 1 variant – for example cherry blossom, sandalwood, honey essence or lavender. The scents can also be combined, let your imagination be discarded as you wish.

However, the rule is that the essences are mixed 2: 1. So one more pronounced essence and one as an undertone. Tried, quite interesting combinations:

Installation is simple:

pour the essence into a glass. Insert the sticks and place them in the place you want to smell for a long time. After a week, turn the sticks so that the soaked sides alternate regularly.

Do you have a favorite scent? Write to us about it!

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