Regenerating rosehip oil DIY

Rosehip oil has magical regenerative effects, protects the skin from the adverse effects of the environment and stimulates its vitality. It is easily absorbed without feeling greasy. You can use the oil as it is, or add it to creams, balms, body butters. It is used on the skin, bod and to strengthen hair.

Many of you want to make oils, currently it is the season of rosehip. Well, do I have good and bad news for you..

The bad one first. You will not make rosehip oil as such, ie from rosehip seeds. The process of pressing and extraction is complicated, and you need so many seeds to perfect that you would fill your entire house from floor to ceiling with them to squeeze out a usable amount. Many oil retailers import rosehip oil, from better or slightly worse distances. So you have the opportunity to buy such a product. The disadvantage of this variant is the fluctuating quality, depending on where and when you reach and how lucky you are for an unstinkable batch.

And now the good one. Make rosehip extract at home. It is a base oil (ideally almond) that is saturated with the active ingredient. The best news is that it only takes time and almost no work to saturate the oil.

For 0.5 liters of rosehip oil you will need:

  • 0.5 kg of freshly collected rosehip fruit
  • 3 weeks of time

Harvest a pound of rosehip fruit. In order not to spoil the extract, the cleaned rose hips must be completely dried, either in the dryer (according to the instructions, 60–70 ° C), oven (baking sheet, baking paper and 60–70 ° C) or classically in the sun (baking sheet, baking paper, dry place, sun, patience).

The dried arrows are dark red, hard and crumble.

Once you’re dry, the work ends and the fun begins. Pour the oil into a large glass, pour oil over it and let it stand for 3 weeks in a cool, dark place. Shake the bottle every other day.

Remember that it must be closed. After 3 weeks, pour the oil over the canvas, squeeze the fruits perfectly, the more concentrated oil is in them.

Then pour the finished extract into cosmetic bottles with a pipette. There will be a good dose of what you do not consume, distribute, sell, or offer to Santa.

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