Heather whitening toothpaste with peppermint DIY

Heather is a traditional medicine in Swedish herbal medicine. It is a small plant with a typical old pink flower. The flower is adorable, bell-shaped and, thanks to its durability, is often used for winter decorations.

It grows in higher positions in sunny, dry places.

It contains a number of antimicrobial substances. Even honey made from its flowers has highly antibacterial effects compared to many other types of honey. The heather has a rich history. Nicolas Alexandre, a Benedictine monk, believed that when the heather stems were boiled and then used as tea for 30 days, the kidney stones would dissolve completely. And he was also the one who recommended baths in heather water to patients with skin diseases. During the First World War, heather was used as a universal home remedy for all kinds of diseases.

Heather in combination with mint will give your teeth everything that should be in the toothpaste – fresh taste and cleansing effect. It will leave your mouth perfectly clean. Thanks to activated carbon, you can look forward to an uncompromising whitening effect.

You will need:

  • 4 sprigs of heather flower,

Dissolve the coconut oil and keep it liquid, ie above 21 ° C. Put the finely chopped heather in it. Let stand in a warm place for 3 weeks. Then strain. Stir in xylitol, activated carbon and chalk, drip the essence and allow to solidify. Keep below 19-20 ° C. Use to brush your teeth as usual.

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