Flower sprays – why and how to use them

Undoubtedly the most natural skin care is provided by 100% raw material without additives. We have countless such gifts around us, but we often do not know about them, or we are fooled by tempting ad and reach for synthetics.

For sensitive and more resistant skin and soft hair, the most unnatural refreshment is flower water, or hydrosol and hydrate.

It is made by steam distillation of that particular flower. In our case, roses, chamomile, lavender. Which is also the most popular trio. Because steam distillation produces sterile water, no preservative is required.

However, several hygienic principles apply to the correct use of flower water:

  • The water is sterile and can not be contaminated. So ideally buy it in a spray.
  • You know the quality of the water through your nose, when it smells like it should, everything is fine, if you feel that something is different, it probably is.
  • Many great active substances can be added to the water, such as vitamin D, E and other active substances. If you add anything, always remember that you must (yes) add a preservative.
  • Choose your supplier carefully, believe that internet marketing works wonders and not always a thousand likes for a post means that it is really the real nut.
  • Try to choose natural packaging, think about nature and that unnecessary plastic is and will be unnecessary. Although it was forgotten now, at the time of the covid.

And now the magical effects of water:

Rose flower water is the best one for mature women skin. It is the best hypoallergenic lotion with a cleansing and toning effect suitable for all skin types. It manages to maintain the pH of the skin, starts regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory effects in acne and excessive sun exposure. Maintains smooth and elastic skin. Its soothing properties can also be used on tired eyes and drooping eyelids. It is also suitable for application to hair.

Chamomile flower water is for the whole family. Perfectly hydrates, it is ideal for adult skin between 20-35 years. You will appreciate it in the care of the baby and children. Reduces swelling, gently heals sores. It supports the hydration of the skin and hair.

Lavender flower water is mainly for young ladies. It is suitable for all skin types. It offers anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-allergic and soothing effects, giving the skin a fresh and pleasant feeling. Natural lotion relieves stress, softens and softens the skin, while tightening pores. Ideal for treating acne. When applied to the hair, it refreshes and gives it shine, prevents dandruff and hair loss.

If you have questions or comments, just shoot ! 🙂

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