Chestnut gel for beautiful legs DIY

Horse chestnut fruits, three nuts for Cinderella lovers of the circulatory system, contain active substances (aescin), which increase the resistance of capillaries and improve venous tone.

This is the most welcome possible effect for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Lavender and geranium are also used in aromatherapy to improve varicose states. When we combine all these 3 effects, we get dreamy, beautifully, purely and naturally.

You will need:

40ml organic almond oil

20ml of horse chestnut / chestnut fruit extract – you can easily make it (see recipe below)

0.25 Xanthan

3 drops of Lavender essence or Geranium essence

You can buy a DIY kit with just weighed ingredients here.


If you do not have chestnut extract, make it first. Grind fresh chestnuts (2 pieces will suffice).

Between us, it’s quite a chore, so if you don’t want to, there’s option number 2.

Pour into a jar or other glass with a lid and pour 50ml of glycerin.

Let stand for 1 week, shake occasionally. Chestnut extract will turn your glycerin brown to gray. Filter the required amount through a double coffee filter, cloth or quality paper towels.

Measure out 20ml and add 0.25g of Xanthan to it.

Stir so that the powder is evenly distributed.

Then slowly add the almond oil using a hand whisk. Add lavender or Geranium essential oils.

And you’re done. The consumption time is according to the consumption time of the used raw materials, resp. the shortest. Apply with a foot massage, preferably after a bath or shower.

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