Provencal cream bar with cocoa butter DIY

At first glance he looks like a soap cube, but it is his true opposite.

Cream bar is made of oil and wax and used to hydrate and soften the skin, like a cream, but without a typical feeling of grease.

I believe that the tough cream is one of the most beautiful gifts (outside soaps and candles), which you can produce lightly alone at home.

The cream is ideal to add a light essence that will deliver the right touch of fragrant care after treatment treatment.

You will need to make 2-3 pieces:

50g beeswax (white or yellow)

100g cocoa butter

50g jojoba oil (+ -50ml)

2 drops of Provence essence.

Preparation is simple.

Cocoa butter, wax and oil allow to dissolve and combine in a water bath. Park and need an essence and pour into the forms.

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