DIY Soft body butter ‘Oh my Dior!’

This year’s vacation may not end yet. We can indulge in a piece of the sea and its salty power even in the coming autumn.

If this butter can be whipped up nicely during production, you will have a real gem. Oh my Dior!

You will need:
50ml of unrefined shea butter (about 45g)
20ml of coconut oil (about 15g)
5g beeswax
5g sea salt

If you want to drip the essence according to your taste, I recommend 3 drops of the Provence essence.

An package with raw materials for is ready here.

The procedure is simple:

Put the butter, oil and wax in a bowl and place in a water bath.

Heat gently and allow to dissolve completely.

Then place the bowl in an ice bath – that is, in a plate with ice cubes. Add salt and mix into the cream.

Finally, add the essential oil. The shelf life of butter depends on the shelf life of the raw materials used, resp. the shortest.

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