DIY Caffeine shampoo against hair loss

Honest homemade Alpecin, we already do have the shelf in the bathroom and the result is perhaps what counts. Yeah, the color is properly periwinkle, this is exactly what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when artificial colors are used.

You will need:

250ml and 100ml of soft mineral or filtered water

10cm burdock root

50ml shampoo base

5g pure caffeine

2ml of preservative Potassium sorbate or Cosgard

If you want the shampoo to smell nice, then use essential oil, I recommend Rosemary, 10 drops.

You can find the package for making caffeine shampoo here.


Let 250 ml of water boil, set aside and place the root in it. Best overnight. Pour through a sieve.

You can throw away the root. Just keep a clean extract.

Heat 100 ml of water and let 5 g of pure Caffeine dissolve in it.

Mix the extract and water with caffeine and add the liquid black olive soap. You already have the result in front of you.

The color is pretty periwinkle, but the effect of the champagne is overwhelming!

The product must be preserved to prevent spoilage. To do this, you will need to consider the final product. If you use Cosgard – we can preserve 19 drops per 100g of product. If you use Potassium Sorbate – then 20 drops per 100g of product.

The shampoo is applied to wet hair, left on for a minute or two, then rinsed and washed completely.

The shelf life is according to the time of consumption of the raw materials used, resp. the shortest.

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