DIY calendula balm / maskne

For healthy skin, which is stressed by frequent wearing of a respirator or drape, more frequent cleaning with floral lotion and subsequent treatment with grape balm balm is recommended. The recipe is easy to complete in 3 steps.

You will need:

5g dried marigold

50ml grape seed oil

10g quality beeswax

You can make Marigold extract easily by loading 1 part of dried marigold flower into 10 parts of grape oil. Let stand for at least 1 week, ideally 3 weeks. Then pour through a sieve and leave the finished extract.

Heat the oil and wax in a water bath, mix and allow to solidify in a can. Apply as needed to create a protective barrier on the affected areas.

Consumption time according to the shelf life of the raw materials used, resp. the shortest.

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