Licorice whitening toothpaste DIY

I’ve wanted to make this toothpaste for a long time. Activated carbon products are now at the peak of their popularity, and if you want to buy something nice, activated carbon, it will cost you a lot of money. In addition, in the field of dental hygiene, we wanted to avoid a plastic ejection packaging – a tube.
From a young age, we have been taught to squeeze toothpaste into a toothbrush and clean. The feeling of not squeezing is quite unusual for a start. However, it must be considered that a tube that cannot be recycled in any way. It’s just a habit. Squeezing a tube is not something you can’t live without.
The paste can be applied elegantly with a wooden spatula or a small spoon. It can also be served directly into the mouth. However, this is only for tough guys. Because of your habits, you immediately delete 2 routines at once: 1-extrusion from the tube and 2-application on the brush.
It’s unusual. Sometimes I still feel a little insecure about cleaning, as if I’m missing something. On the other hand, nothing is missing or left in the ingredients:
Licorice – the sweet root of licorice is so effective in the fight against tooth decay that it can be used alone for cleaning!
Chalk – an abrasive substance that removes tartar from teeth.
Xylit – birch sugar, which by its composition creates an environment hostile to life-threatening for oral bacteria. At the same time, it counteracts the deposition of dental plaque and unpleasant abrasion from the mouth. This sugar is simply the complete opposite of its more widespread namesake.
Coconut oil – a carrier fat that holds all the ingredients together. What is important about it is that, unlike glycerin, which is added to pastes to make them pretty shiny and do not dry out, it does not harm the tooth enamel and gums in the slightest. Glycerin has many good properties, but it does not belong on the teeth.
Activated carbon is made from coconuts and is a modern cosmetic preparation for detox and cleaning.
Peppermint – a beloved herb that disinfects the oral cavity. Thanks to its scent, it refreshes the breath.

You will need:
50ml coconut oil
10g chalk
10g birch sugar xylitol
1g activated carbon
1 teaspoon (1g) licorice root
0.5ml peppermint essential oil

Dissolve the coconut oil and add licorice. Keep it liquid, warm for at least 24 hours. Licorice pours the active ingredient into the oil and perfumes it. This is the principle of creating an oil extract.

Pour the oil through a fine sieve. Keep the extract clean.

Pour chalk and xylitol into the extract. Stir.

Drizzle peppermint essential oil and stir on. Heavy float chalk will tend to sink to the bottom. Stir to keep it even.

Finally, add the activated carbon (finely ground in a mortar) and mix thoroughly.

After solidification, leave the paste to stand at a temperature of 21-23 ° C. It will apply well.
You can determine the shelf life of the paste according to the time of consumption of the ingredients used, or the shortest one.


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