Homemade sunscreen SPF 30

The paradox of sun protection is that we take one risk against another. Just turn the relatively expensive (for what it’s in) bottle and see what chemical delicacies are supposed to protect us and our children from cancer…

Here is a recipe for a completely natural cream with a factor of 30+, which you can indulge in without risk and save health and considerable money.

For sunscreen you will need:

  • 30ml of pure unrefined shea butter (buy SPF 5, Bio & FairTrade)
  • 20ml of almond oil (organic )
  • 20ml coconut oil (has a natural protection factor SPF 5)
  • 10g of beeswax (organic and non-organic)
  • 5 g SoFi Tix (SPF 20 – SoFi Tix )
  • 2ml vitamin E
  • 2 drops of essential oil (may not be, but I definitely recommend summer lemon grass, mint, or lavender – in summer it will protect you against stinging insects – choose here)

You can find the DIY gift package of this cream here.

Wash your hands thoroughly and ideally disinfect the worktop and hands with isopropanol or 70% ethanol and allow to dry, do not contaminate the product in any way – it will last you longer.

Heat all ingredients, except almond oil and Sofi tix, in a water bath so that the individual components dissolve and combine. Stop.

Mix Sofi tix in almond oil so that it is evenly distributed and add to the oil mixture. Whisk it to a creamy consistency.

Drop the essence.

Because the product does not contain water, only fats, there is no need to preserve, it will last you a long time – according to shelf life of ingredients. The product must be stored in a cool place. The temperature should not exceed 21 ° C.

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