Organic Beard Booster

Make yourself a beard booster base. Then you just need to drip a favorite essence into it and you have a luxury product for a fraction of the price. Beard booster is an oil to hydrate and nourish the beard. Adds a light scent, freshness and shine, prevents itching, dandruff, overgrowth and drying of the skin under the beard. Thanks to the content of castor oil, it accelerates the growth and volume of the beard.

For a bottle of 250ml beard booster base you will need:

60ml organic almond oil

60ml jojoba oil

60ml organic argan oil

60ml organic castor oil

5ml vitamin E

5ml vitamin D

5 drops of essence – choose – white musk, orange, patchouli, peppermint or geranium.

a bottle with a pipette

Mix all ingredients in one compact oil. Add 5 drops of the selected essence. Durability depends on the time of consumption of the raw materials used. Respectively the shortest.

Finished organic beard booster base 50ml available here.

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